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I provide graphic design services with a focus and passion in nature tourism, wildlife conservation, sustainable agriculture, outdoor recreation, and natural & cultural heritage interpretation. Working independently, or with a variety of teams, I have over 20 years of experience as a graphic designer, art director, and interpretive planner. Through my work I strive to capture a sense of place and to connect people to that place. My intention as a designer is to help tell a story, or convey a message, effectively and creatively through graphic elements and the fine composition of those elements. I work with writers and planners from the early stages of a project through its final touches. I work for a diversity of clients across the United States, including federal, state, and local governmental organizations, non-profits, universities, and private businesses. My projects have been as small as designing a single interpretive sign to as large as an entire branding package for a National Heritage Area or Scenic Byway which could include any combination of graphic products such as: logos, brochures, guidebooks, interpretive plans, project reports, infographics, exterior & interior interpretive exhibitry, and wayfinding signage.

In 2019, one of my more notable projects was awarded first place for the 2019 outdoor exhibits competition by the highly acclaimed National Association for Interpretation. Working with a team, led by Interpretive Graphics of Salt Lake City, Utah, I served as lead

graphic designer on the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge Interpretive Signage Project to design 66 unique interpretive panels and 24 duplicates installed at 24 sites along 320 miles of Oregon’s coastline. See Oregon Island National Wildlife Refuge Interpretive Signage for more information and interpretive signage images.

Click below to see samples of some of my favorite projects.

Select Projects

MajaDesign wishes to acknowledge and thank Ted Eubanks of Fermata, Inc. for use of his beautiful photography in the slideshow above. Ted is a world-class nature photographer who has graciously given MajaDesign rights to include the following images on this website: flock of majestic birds at sunset, American snoutbean (Rhynchosia americana), Kansas barn at sunset, and Piping plover (Charadrius melodus) twins. Also by Ted Eubanks is the Texas lantana (Lantana urticoides) on the clients page.

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