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Exterior Interpretive Exhibitry

Click on image to view flip-open pdf.


I design guidebooks for scenic byways, birding trails, bicycle routes, and any kind of nature or heritage trail. These guidebooks often vary in orientation and size and can take unique shapes. My intention when designing a guidebook for a given location is to capture the sense of place of that location in terms of nature, culture and history 

to create a signature look.

Many of my guidebooks

have been part of larger projects with a suite of communications including interpretive exhibitry, brochures, wayfinding signage, websites and more. 


Click on images

to view flip-open pdfs of

a few select guidebooks

I've designed.

Pages from WWNSB Guidebook FINAL-1015082
Pages from CHT Toolkit Small file
Pages from 2007 SSNR Guide pp. 1-32 FINAL copy
Pages from BTB Guide-FINAL-072710
Pages from IRCNT-HAVANA FINAL-052005 copy
Pages from Zachary Taylor Guide pp. 1-18 - 110607 copy
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