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Exterior Interpretive Exhibitry- Project Example 1

Salt Lake City Parks Signage

Project Description


Working with landscape architecture firm, Landmark Design in Salt Lake City, Utah, I designed a brand and standards for all types of signage and interpretive exhibitry (wayfinding,

naming, interpretive, kiosk, boundary, regulatory, restoration) for both open spaces and developed parks throughout Salt Lake City. In addition to developing different color palettes for open spaces and developed parks, I also incorporated leaf graphics of three different signature tree species into the designs based on three identified zones within the city: the foothills, the valley, and the Jordan River Parkway. After integrating the design specifications into a signage guidelines document, I designed 75 interpretive exhibits for nine open spaces throughout the city, including the Jordan River Parkway.



Salt Lake City ​Parks &

Public Lands

SLC-Open Spaces Suite-112114
Developed Parks Suite-052015.p1
Background Tree Art-061214
East Bench Preserve OS-Interpretive Kiosk 1-DRAFT 2-061215
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